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The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server...
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Every business relies on a database of one sort or another to manage important structured information. Everybody needs to keep track of employee records, customer information, and inventory lists—and databases are essential for this. They are an ideal place to put records so they can be secured, searched, updated, and maintained. As database applications became more commonplace, users realized that they wanted similar functionality for all their content. They want simple applications to help them manage and distribute information in all formats, not just rigidly structured database records. Ideally, they can find the information they need without even knowing it exists. Naturally, this pr- ents a huge challenge. Business content is highly unstructured. It includes everything from email messages to policy documents, to scanned contracts, to website graphics. Plus, these items have complex and dynamic relationships with each other that do not cleanly translate into database records. Solving this problem is the realm of Content Management systems, which have been around for years, but have not yet reached their fullest potential. The Stellent Content Server is the most award-winning Content Management system available. It is considered by many analysts to have the most complete solution to the general problems of Content Management. It is a coherent framework for general Content Management applications, as opposed to the patchwork of single-purpose applications that are offered by most vendors.

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